Monday, 9 February 2015

(I am sorry I have not been posting anything at all.So here it is)


1.There will be a swap of lessons for S&W and ADMT on the 24th of February( Please read the email Ms Adele Lim Sent to us)

2.Finish up your Blog, Multimedia Presentation, Proposal and Experiment for you ISS projects by coming Fri (13th Feb)


1. For English, please read the post on edmodo regarding the Poem. You will need to read through the poem and annotate as follows:

" lonely as a cloud" - SIMILIE

Also, write a short description or meaning of it.
There will be two people coming tomorrow for our ENG lesson.

2. IH- complete the Mindmap and upload it on Google Plus

3. HTL students, complete the summary writing part in the workbook ( due on 11 feb)

4. Math- complete the question in the Notes.

5. For Chinese students complete the Email writing - due tomorrow(10 feb)

6. Lastly, the storyboard due on friday


Have a good week ahead!!

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Class Decoration

Form Teacher(s): Mr Soh Wee Peng
Submitted by:
Name of Student:Sean Ng

Role in Class Exco: Chairperson

Class Theme
Aeroplanes and Skies
Class Mission
Alone we can do so little.
Together we can do so much.
Class Goals
- Better Than You
- Class S301.0
- Commanding and earning respect
Class Code of Conduct
1. Help one another in class.
2. Respect our differences
3. Think before we response.
Recycled Materials Used
Left-over colour papers
Short Write-Up About Class Decoration (max 100 words)
We used the aeroplanes and skies theme because we aspire to reach the skies together as a class.