Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Individual activity (45 mins): The LKY Poster Project

Create a poster to thank Mr Lee for his contributions to Singapore. The content of the poster may cover the impact of his work in the following areas:

● Political

● Economic

● Social

● Environmental

In addition to the poster, you are also required to provide a short write­up explaining your design.

You may use any tool or program to create your poster. Convert the final product into an image file (e.g. JPEG) or PDF, and upload it to the Google Drive folder shared by your teacher by the end of the first period (8.55am). You are encouraged to have your poster and write­up in one single PDF file.

Upload your file to

Name it as Index NO_Name_LKY Poster project

Other resources which may be helpful:

1. MOE’s Slides

2. Official Website: Remembering Lee Kuan Yew

3. Official Facebook page

4. Example: Nelson Mandela

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