Friday, 27 March 2015

Remembering Mr Lee Kuan Yew Part II

Tributes have poured in from Singaporeans and the rest of the world. Through this lesson, students will:
  • be inspired by Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s commitment to serve our nation;
  • consider his impact on Singaporeans and others; and
  • reflect on how they can build on Mr Lee’s legacy and contribute to our nation.


Activity 1
  1. Get the class to individually read through the tributes in the pdf form.

  1. Get the students to form groups and each group to choose one tribute which resonated most with them.
  2. The group should then take a screenshot of the slide from the PDF file, post it on their Class blog (One post each group) and explain why the tribute that they have chosen is the most meaningful to them.

Activity 2

  1. Teacher shows the last 4 slides of the Teachers’ copy of the slides and use the pointers in the Notes to guide the discussion.
  2. Discuss the following questions:
    1. As an SST student, what can you do to sustain the life we have in Singapore now and to make it even better?
    2. How do you see yourself contributing to the lives of others in the future? (Teacher may use the table on next page and prompt students to think about how they can contribute to it via the career paths that they may choose.)
Students will submit their response via

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